Smart Home Display

See the Latest and Greatest

In Smart Home Technology

Are you still getting off of your couch to switch the lights on and off? Maybe you have an Alexa, but all she does is tell you bad jokes? Come visit our 800 square foot Smart Home display! Located in the Armory section of the hotel you will a find a display home showcasing the latest and greatest in-home technology.

Ever wish that you could remotely monitor your vacation home, or travel out of state during the winter months with nothing to worry about? With internet enabled thermostats, water main leak detection and shut off, and state-of-the-art security systems you can rest easy knowing your home can be protected with a push of a button.

Are you a busy family or working professional that runs out of minutes in the day? We can show you ways to forget your chores and focus on what is important!  From a Roomba that vacuums while you’re on the go, or an internet enable crock pot that can start your dinner while you’re away.

Not only does a Smart House save you time and aggravation, Smart Home technology also puts money back in your pocket! With internet enabled thermostats and hot water heaters you can control how your homes uses its energy. Come pull yourself into the 21st century by visiting our Smart Home Display at the 52nd Annual New Hampshire State Home Show March 8-10, 2019!